Thursday, 14 August 2008

Illegal Immigrant Cannabis gardener is jailed

AN ILLEGAL immigrant has been jailed after his fingerprints were found at three Merseyside cannabis “farms”.

Liverpool crown court heard Ji Chen, 23, was put to work as a gardener tending cannabis plants after arriving in this country from China.He had fled the three drug factories by the time police searched the properties.

The court heard Chen’s DNA was found at three different cannabis factories, in Humphrey Street, Bootle; Sixth Avenue, Fazakerley; and Dewsbury Road, Anfield.


Welcome to New Labour's multicultural Britain!..What are you going to do about this then Kilfoyle??..If you've woken up from your Labour nightmare, are you going to inspire us with your plan on cleaning these illegal immigrant drug dealers from your constituency?. Its time to do your job man. This doesn't mean giving them new council houses and a voucher for a new car either.

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