Saturday, 9 August 2008

Police in Alder Hey hospital as visitors (Gypsies) bring chaos

POLICE are patrolling Alder Hey children’s hospital around-the-clock after a critically ill teenager’s visitors caused a string of disturbances.Nurses and parents of young patients say a group of up to 60 people coming in to see one desperately-ill child has brought chaos to the West Derby complex this week.

The group have been visiting a 13-year-old from the travelling community, who was badly injured in a car accident earlier this week.He is currently fighting for his life after being thrown from a stolen Transit van, which crashed into a lamppost in St Helens on Tuesday.


"Visitors" is politically correct speak for gypsies or otherwise known as travellers. Where they go pandemonium, vandalism, theft, criminal damage follows. There are of course other ethnic groups that think the world (but mostly Britain) owes them something and the, ahem, visitors are one of these groups. They contribute nothing to the community and offer nothing but upset and headaches in return.

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  1. I would have them all lined up against a wall mate, but there again I'm not in charge. Problem solved a a stroke.

  2. i am currently staying at alder hey, and find the presence of police asking me where i am going, aswell as the "travellers" intimidating, although it is now under control, we are ALL only there for one thing, and that is our sick children!! I have to say the parents of the boy are quite nice people and are keeping themselves to themselves whilst focusing on their son, its the rest of them.