Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Disgraced sergeant sacked over sex shame

A MERSEYSIDE police sergeant has been sacked in disgrace after he visited prostitutes while on duty.

Karl Cliff, 42, an officer with 17 years’ service, was dismissed at a disciplinary panel last week after avoiding a prison sentence at a court hearing.

He had been suspended since the allegations came to light a year ago.

Cliff was caught by suspicious colleagues only months after transferring to Merseyside from Greater Manchester police.


As a normal member of the public I am very disappointed at the leniency which was shown to this sergeant. He ignored a 999 call made by the public to satisfy his own sexual needs. For too long the police if convicted of crimes get off too easy mainly because they are the police. In my opinion the police should be given penalties more severe as they are supposed to be protecting the public not abusing their trust. This burglary call he ignored for example, what if the householder or the end result of the burglary had resulted in a death?..Would the officer still have received community service?

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  1. Unfortunately, nothing short of a bloody revolution in Britain will turn our society around again. The do-gooders have had there evil way for far to long and look were it has got us. Innocent young boys and girls being slautered on our streets. Be prepared for the comming storm because they, (society's movers and shakers) won't give up easily.