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Echo Debate - the letter they didnt print!

On Monday 21st July 2008, we reported on our blog about the recent debate in the Liverpool Echo about the British National Party. Our branch Treasurer decided to write into the Echo to thank them and also to answer a few points from a couple of letters. The Echo didn’t print the letter, so here it is for you to read.

Dear Sir,

With the resent debate in your letters page surrounding the British National Party having a letter printed by one of our members, Pete Molloy, (Echo, July 9) and the Liverpool Echo stipulating it will stand up for freedom of speech, I would like to add a few points if I may.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Echo for printing letters form our members as it shows that the paper is prepared to allow all points of view to be heard, so that the general public can form their own opinion. This is true democracy that needs to be upheld. With the Echo allowing points of views from any political party does not mean the Echo endorses that particular party’s view, so why should Mr. Jenkins find the Echo’s stance for freedom of speech and democracy so abhorrent( Echo, July 17)? May be he’d rather live in Magube’s Zimbabwe where people are persecuted for their political beliefs if they are different of those of the State.

Secondly, Mr Jenkins states that we are a ‘fascist’ organisation and that there is no place in our city for the British National Party’s ‘vile hatred’. With regards to the former, the British National Party believes in democracy and that is why we want to introduce the Citizens Initiated Referenda, which would provide a great say for the electorate. Greater democracy than we have now, so how can this be fascism I do not know. The latter, Mr. Jenkins fails to provide an example of his accusation, which is very common with people like him. The general public are far more intelligent to except generic statements and want to know hard facts.

With regards to our party Chairman, Nick Griffin, he has never been convicted of denying the holocaust, not least because it is not an offence under British law. He was, in the last century, very critical of the way in which the real suffering and mass murder of the Jews of occupied Europe has been exploited by mainly atheistic gentile leftists as a moral club to stifle criticism of mass immigration. He long ago expressed regret that the language used upset some individual Jews, as, in the post-9/11 world, the free peoples of the West and the Jews need to bury past quarrels and stand together against the threat of Islamic imperialism.

Finally, I am not being disrespectful to Mr Tomlinson (Echo July 18), Chair of the Merseyside Black Police Association, but he is not in a position to understand what it is like to be a ‘white working class British male’ in New Labour’s modern Britain. This is because rascism only seems to cut one way with New Labour and that is why white people may feel they can’t be victims of rascism. May be this is why they are significantly under-represented as complainants at race employment tribunals.

However, I would like to remind Mr Tomlinson of two racial discrimination cases on white males that the Police have committed.

The most recently was that of an ex-British Army Lance Corporal, Ben Mayer, who applied to join the Metropolitan Police in Feb 2008 and was informed by the Met that they were “actively seeking to raise interest from black and minority ethnic communities and females”. And the case of Ralph Welsman, who in March 2006, won a five figure sum from Avon and Somerset Police, because they broke sex and race discrimination laws with its recruitment policy.

So if Mr Tomlinson wants to champion the need of equality in employment then may be he should start ‘in house’ first.

Ian Tompkins
Treasurer, Liverpool Branch
British National Party

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  1. GOD BLESS THE BNP not racist not facist not left not rite just say it as it is!It always amazes me??how the indiginous opponents to the BNP dwindle in number as the area were they live becomes more\and more enriched and the BNP starts to win seat after seat\How any on can actually denounce and vilify a party that speakes for its culture, its country ,its heratage, its children, its workers, Its churches ,and be proud to do so.These people who know no different than to chant NAZi etc,these are the people released back into the comunity by the lib/lab/con/closure of the mental hospitals, along with the drug takingsmack heads who will be rehabilatated by the BNP\JOIN THE RESISTANCE join the BNP GOD BLESS THEM