Friday, 8 August 2008

War veteran, 82, robbed in the street by two black men

POLICE were today hunting two men who robbed an 82-year-old war veteran in Liverpool.The victim was leaving the William Hill bookmakers, on Parker Street, at around 7pm on Saturday when the men grabbed him from behind.

One held him in a bear hug and when the victim called for help he placed his hands over his throat and mouth very tightly.The victim was forced to the floor while one of the offenders restrained him and the other went through his pockets.His wallet, cash and photographs of great sentimental value were taken. The pictures showed the victim’s wife who has passed away and his children when they were young.

The offenders are described as black, in their early 20s, between 5ft 9in to 10in, of stocky build, clean shaven with dark hair and wearing long-sleeved tops.


I hope these two pieces of criminal filth get life once caught. There does seem to be a lot of disrespect at the moment towards our war heroes. The Sun newspaper otherwise known as the SCUM newspaper on Merseyside is selling Third Reich Nazi war memorabilia through its paper. Ninety nine percent of good Merseyside people don't buy this Nazi paper anyway, however if we can get the last one percent to stop buying this "anti British rag" then this may end up as a good result all round. The BNP fully support our war dead and we are against any form of political correction by the Lib Lab Con parties or the Scum newspaper in forgetting their memory.

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