Thursday, 18 February 2010

Labour Councillor calls his mate to stop the BNP campaigning in his street

Steve Rotheram ex Lord Mayor of Liverpool and sitting Fazakerley Councillor today showed his fascist qualities by phoning the police to stop Liverpool BNP campaigning in his street In Fazakerley for today's By Election. If ever proof was needed about the anti democratic Nazi way the Labour Party operates then this is it.

The Labour Party operate under the guise of legality and honesty but they have been exposed continually as being dishonest and having anti democratic clothing. While they try to do this they try shrouding themselves in respectability protected by a PC Labour Party police force who seem only thirty seconds away when someone like Steve Rotheram phones them. God help someone who was the victim of a real Fazakerley crime when Steve Rotheram called his Police officer friend when Rotheram thought a crime was being committed today!

To coin a phrase from Corporal Jones from the Dad's Army series, "they don't like it up them Mr Mannering"!

Time is running out for the Labour Party and their gang of crooks. We may not win the By Election tonight but we will never be bullied by Labour Party fascists and "they're" friendly boys in blue, who act like subservient lap dogs to the Labour Party crooks and war mongers. Liverpool BNP are going nowhere Rotheram! Get used to it!

To view the clip on Youtube Click on the ORANGE headline above. There will be more photo's to follow on this outrageous waste of police time caused by Steve Rotheram.

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