Monday, 15 February 2010

From Fazakerley to Barking Saturday, then to London EGM Sunday then back to Fazakerley Monday! PART TWO

Barking, Saturday 13th Feb 11am. Some of the leafleting team arriving at the RV point for the day of action.

Richard Barnbrook, very happy that 29,999 leaflets have been delivered around Barking. However North West regional Organiser Clive Jefferson is wondering where the missing leaflet is, he definitely counted thirty thousand of them!!..... Clive, I have a confession to make, I asked one of the Merseyside team to bring me back one of the leaflets, sorry mate and I hope you don't mind. Its also nice to see what the rest of the BNP across the country is delivering through letter box's.

The calm before the storm. Before the press was let into the EGM, some of who were then evicted.

Nice to see London Police have a sense of humour. I wonder what Merseyside police would have done.

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