Sunday, 21 February 2010

Labour Party Nazis. Just go to Downing Street.

You just couldn't make it up could you, but if the eyes are the window to your soul, certainly looking into Gordon Brown's eyes will reveal a soul in torment. Having seen my self evidence of his wafer thin glass temperament with some of his recent TV interviews, one gets to understand the truth behind these latest revelations by the Observers Andrew Rawnsley about Gordon Brown and his furies and those volcanic rages at his staff .

Andrew Rawnsley states that during his three years interviewing witnesses "friends and foes" to the Prime minister that "the prime minister's conduct towards colleagues and staff has at times been so appalling that it raises a question mark about his fitness to hold his great office"

This says everything about the Prime Minister for me and the current state of the Labour Party which in my opinion is every bit as bad as Germany's second world war Nazi Party. Gordon Brown like Hitler is insecure, surrounded by sycophants and the idiot Brown wants his name to be immortalised for eternity in History.

Well Gordon you will be remembered by me mate as a gormless idiot, traitor to this country, who had the chance to call a General Election a few years back and "bottled it". This time, hopefully will get booted out by another equally despicable useless political party in the Conservatives in two months. I cannot wait and the champagne will be on ice, good riddance!

To read Andrew Rawnsley's article click on the ORANGE headline above.

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