Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Good Riddance to Peter Kilfoyle.


He's standing down at last, thank goodness and about time too. I have to be honest I don't know how he got away with it for nineteen years. Certainly the reports that we get back on a regular basis from the Walton constituency was that Peter Kilfoyle was the invisible member of Parliament who's sarcasm and condescending attitude to any serious question, from a Walton constituent reached new heights of ridiculousness.

Wasn't it mentioned recently somewhere that the Walton constituency had the highest level of unemployment or people claiming job seekers allowance, something along them lines in the entire country. That is the lasting legacy of Kilfoyle and his pathetic excuse for a political party. Indeed failure on every count in Walton and Kilfoyle played his part in this.That's why the Labour Party are going to get booted out hopefully at the next General Election.

The other plus side to him "shuffling" (that's all he can manage) off into the sunset is that all of us may be spared reading the weekly rantings from him in the Anfield Walton comic. I wonder if the next Labour donkey wheeled out to stand in Walton for the General Election will also have such a fascination with the flat earth society as it did for Kilfoyle. This remains to be seen, but no doubt we will find out in due course.

Good riddance Kilfoyle, enjoy your time in Australia. Apparently they have the largest population of poisonous snakes to be found anywhere on the inhabited planet. This being the case, you should fit in their nicely and immediately feel right at home.

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