Saturday, 20 February 2010

Finally we have the means to a Right of Reply

We all know that the national press have been playing a very shifty game when it comes to people who write comments in to their sites in support of the British National Party.

For example, they are allowing though some pro-BNP comments to make it appear that they are offering a right of reply. However, we know that comments that really challenge the so called facts in an article never make it through a newspapers moderation team, leaving the public with the impression that while the BNP has plenty of support, we can't challenge the "good investigative reporting".

Well those days are over now, thank to a piece of Google software called Sidewiki which has been around for a year or so but will soon take off big time. Because now BNP supporters will be able

Please click on the ORANGE headline above to read the rest of the article on the Green Arrow site.

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