Monday, 22 February 2010

Councillors charge tax payers £11,000 for their jollies!

In a shocking exclusive expose of Liverpool City Councillors we can reveal that the councillors have cost the Liverpool tax payer over £11,000 in expenses travelling around the UK and Abroad.

The worst offenders are the Liberal Democrats who seem to have no shame in fleecing the tax payers at a time when the people of Liverpool are struggling to get by.
The worst and most serious offender is Cllr. Warren Bradley who has cost the tax payer £7500 for mostly his jollies to Shanghai which he has been too three times! He also charged the tax payer fir a knees up at the MTV awards in Munich, this cost the tax payer £425!

The next big offender is Cllr Berni Turner of Old Swan who charged us £602 for; get this, a “fact finding mission wholesale markets” in Rungis, France. She also went on her jollies too Stavanger, Norway where she gave a “25 minute speech” and cost the tax payer £690 plus £140 in conference fees.

Councillor Flo Clucas also cost the tax payer £120 for a conference in Cannes – Nice, France.

Other Costs:
Cllr. Gary Millar (Lib Dem, Old Swan)
National Creative Industries Conference
Hotel cost: £130

Cllrs. Mike Storey & Warren Bradley (Lib Dem, Wavertree)
Stirling Prize Awards Ceremony
Hotel cost: £171.00 x 2

Cllr. Dave Irving (Lib Dem, Knotty Ash)
RTPI North West Conference – Planning Perspectives for Cllrs
Train ticket cost: £15.00

Cllr. Peter Millea (Lib Dem, Cressington)
LGA Conference
Train ticket cost: £160, (author: first class?) Hotel cost: £150

Cllr. Joe Anderson (Labour, Riverside)
LGA Annual Conference
Hotel cost: £520

Cllr. Warren Bradley
LGA Annual Conference
Hotel cost: £300

Cllrs. Roz Gladden & Wendy Simon (Lab, Clubmoor, Kensington)
Future of Corporate Parenting Conference
Hotel cost £150 x 2, train ticket cost £68.50 x 2

Cllr. Jane Corbett (Lab, Everton)
LGA Conference
Cost: £219.00

Cllr. Jane Corbett
CSN Conference
Cost: £150.00

Cllr. Berni Turner
Conference National Association of British Market Authorities
1 day duration
Paramount Imperial Hotel
Cost £86

In travel expenses the Lib Dem councillors also cost the Liverpool tax payer over £8000!

Liverpool British National Party believe that this is dreadful especially when the council are cutting back services to save money, Liverpool BNP will expose this scandal to the electorate and we will pledge that in carrying out any council business we will use the councillors allowance and not add any further costs to the tax payer!

If the council want to cut back on services they should cut the expenses first!

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