Thursday, 18 February 2010

Last of the leafleting done in Fazakerley.

The reports are from the Merseyside BNP campaigning team that the Fazakerley ward was leafleted three times over, had a canvass sweep and had the famous BNP truth truck in attendance for one day last week.

Over twenty five thousand pieces of literature were delivered over the last five weeks on this By Election campaign by Liverpool BNP. Considering the Labour Party have been bragging that this By Election is a done deal since it was called and that they merely had to stick a window dummy with a Labour Party rosette on it, for it to win in Fazakerley, they have been a close second to the BNP in the work put into the ward. The miserable Lib Dems were nowhere to be seen only having worked half the ward once I think.

All in all this was a great campaign with up to and over twenty different BNP activists pounding the streets in Fazakerley over the last five weeks. Regardless of the result, as that's down to the Fazakerley voters, a very big round of applause to everyone who participated in campaigning for Peter Stafford in this By Election.

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