Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fantastic reception for the Truth Truck in Liverpool.

Yesterday saw the truth truck in Liverpool. The Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire reports that it was used extensively in Fazakerley for their By Election on February 18th. The local residents gave us a fantastic reception and welcome stated Peter Squire. There were also two teams BNP leafleter's that delivered four thousand leaflets through Fazakerley letter box's. Afterwards it was taken on a tour of the Liverpool City and surrounding areas.

Later on in the evening the Truth Truck was parked up by a motorway roundabout with literally thousands of cars seeing the message of bring our boys home, a message which many of the motorists approved of with the beeping and tooting of their horns.

One local Liverpool resident and old soldier called Brian who used to support the Labour Party but is now a firm supporter of the British National Party stated that he was now disgusted by New Labour and what they represent. He added further, as an ex parachute regiment soldier our boys in Afghanistan are left ill equipped, seriously short of helicopters and that it was time to bring our boys home. He stated that all his family would now be voting BNP at the next local elections and at the General Election.

Well Brian, the British National Party agree with you mate.

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