Monday, 15 February 2010

From Fazakerley to Barking Saturday, then to London EGM Sunday then back to Fazakerley Monday! PART ONE.

I don't know where Merseyside BNP get their energy from, they are actively campaigning midweek for their Fazakerley By Election on Feb 18th, then at the weekend they are all off their pop down to the Barking constituency in London to help out there. Whatever they are having for breakfast I want some.

Merseyside BNP in the operational campaign headquarters and election nerve centre with Richard Barnbrook, please note female activist warrior Queen Karen Otty on the left hand side, what a BNP activist this lady is!

Richard explaining the general boundaries and wards of the Parliamentary constituency of Barking.

Parliamentary MP sleaze buster Michael Barnbrook with Liverpool Organiser Peter Squire. Michael was helping out with his group in Barking when Liverpool BNP bumped into them. Michael is known as the Party’s ‘sleaze buster’ having been involved in the demise of a number of MPs over the years, Derek Conway and Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton are a few of his scalps.

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