Friday, 26 February 2010

Fantastic Liverpool Fundraising Night

Liverpool had their monthly meeting last night, but it was a monthly meeting that was slightly different. Councillor Paul Golding travelled up from Kent as our guest speaker and gave a fantastic thought provoking speech on the indigenous peoples of Great Britain, making reference to our history and genealogy going back over ten thousand years. He then contrasted that with the New Zealand Maoris who have recognised indigenous status, who have only been resident on New Zealand seven hundred years.

After Councillor Golding had finished his speech he then gave another rousing speech on the importance of everyone's involvement, financially and actively for the coming General Election and local elections. He then went into something that had never been done before on Merseyside which was a fundraising auction. After the dust had settled and the figures had been counted, the Election fundraiser had generated and raised an unbelievable and incredible £3178.78

Now the generosity of the Liverpool people is legendary but the seventy strong audience themselves were astonished and left in a daze at everyone's generosity and who got caught up in the fundraising moment.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the contribution of Councillor Paul Golding who is an absolute credit to his ward in Seven oakes, Kent and to the British National Party. Merseyside BNP would also like again to say thank you to everyone who attended last nights fundraiser and who were so financially generous to the BNP cause.

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