Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Peter Tierney day of support Wednesday 17th March

Well Merseyside BNP are still unsure that when they turn up on Wednesday 17th March the crown court along with the police will say, "fooled you again the case is actually going ahead next month, so not today mate". The judiciary really have drawn this case along unnecessarily I feel.

It would be nice if we could get as many of our people and supporters there to show our Solidarity to Peter Tierney, just on THE FIRST DAY of the trial. The proceeding two days on the Thursday and Friday will be very low key with just his family and people giving defence evidence on his behalf being present.

Peter Tierney is someone who shows solidarity to any BNP Nationalist who needs help and also to anything BNP. The least we can do is to show and give him our support on this one day in return on Wednesday March 17th.

We know it is a big ask (again) for many of our supporters as they have booked previous days off work on the Monday's only to see these dates fall flat being cancelled. All we can ask is that you do your best to attend on the day for Peter.

The meeting point is Liverpool Crown Court Centre, Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 1XA. Meeting 9.15 am or when you can arrive. Contact Peter Squire, Liverpool BNP on 07941 704 997 or Email BNPMERSEYSIDE@fsmail.net

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