Monday, 20 July 2009

Peter Tiereny charged and set to attend court as Merseyside Police continue campaign of Political Harrasment!

Today Peter Tierney answered his police bail, Peter was arrested on St Georges day after he and a team of activists leafleted the town centre and far-left thugs followed them from Church Street all the way to St Georges Hall and then attacked them.

Peter Tierney was then forced to defend himself and the elderly women members from the attacking far left thugs who had just followed them WITH INTENT!

So today around 50 supporters gathered outside St Annes Police Station to support Peter, the supporters had to stand on both sides of the road as there were too many to fit on the thin path. The supporters were hoping that Charges would be dropped and justice and common sense would prevail however the establishment have felt like persecuting and intimidating the BNP. This now sets a dangerous precedent that decent members of the public CAN NOT defend themselves against attackers.

It is an absolute disgrace that a decent person can be charged for assault when they were merely defending themselves and their friends as they are being attacked

Peter Will be in court on the 5th of August, we will be holding a 2nd Demo outside of the Magistrates Court as he attends to show that we will not be intimidated and bullied by the state.


Five terrified and jumpy Merseyside police officers swooped on the famous Manchester British National Party’s ‘Punish the Pigs’ truck this afternoon — and issued owner Derek Adams with a caution for the numbers on its rear number plate ‘being too thin.’

The astonishing incident took place outside St Anne’s police station in Liverpool this afternoon, where super activist Mr Adams had taken the truck in support of Mr Peter Tierney’s bail appearance.

The Merseyside police, clearly upset at the large amount of public support the BNP crowd and truck received — by way of hoots and cheers from passing motorists — panicked and ordered a police car with no less than five officers to swoop on the truck.

Pulling up to the Pig Truck and swerving in behind it like boy racers, the five officers, complete with stab-proof vests and sullen faces, ordered the driver and Mr Adams out and began looking for something to say about the truck.

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