Sunday, 5 July 2009

Chicken neck Tessa Jowell to stand down?

Gordon Brown's creaking Cabinet suffered another blow last night after it was revealed that Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell is poised to quit the Commons at the next Election.

Party insiders said that Ms Jowell, 61, has told friends she believes it is time to step down after 17 years as MP for Dulwich, South London, and move to the House of Lords.


Well it appears the game is well and truly up for the deserting "Labour Party rats"..From the very start of this blog Tessa Jowell has been in the firing line from Merseyside BNP a few times as regards her conduct as an MP. If there are to be examples of MP's that are despicable in the first degree Tessa Jowell is it.

After Labour got slaughtered last year in 2008 at the local elections she was out in front of the TV cameras stating that the British public had shown the Labour Party the equivalent of a referees yellow card. Further she stated that the Labour Party "must listen" to the British people...What a joke!

Tessa Jowell it appears wants a peerage in the house of Lords if she stands down. This is a woman who is married to a fraudster, "not knowingly" of course. Why should she be rewarded for failure. She should be booted out like the rest of the Labour traitors at the next general election.

Well if she gets into the house of lords, Merseyside BNP will still be keeping an eye on her and her criminal husband...Oh and the criminal Labour Party.

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