Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Proof that Labour are LIARS! Plus Labour MP's support for violence!

Teletext reported HERE

BNP 'beat beer-spill man'
BNP supporters beat up a man after he spilled beer over party leader Nick Griffin, a Gloucestershire MP claimed.

Labour's David Drew (Stroud) alleged the "totally upstanding" young man was given "one hell of a hiding" after the incident in Painswick.

Mr Drew told MPs he feared the alleged victim was too shocked by the incident to pursue a court case.

But a local more accurate report can be found HERE

In that report it clears says that the thug assualted Mr Griffin with his Guinness.

"Nick Griffin came out and I decided to splash him with Guinness. I was swiftly put in a headlock by one of his security people. I was backing away and had my hands splayed out."

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