Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Liverpool judge attacks UK’s ‘lax’ immigration system

A LIVERPOOL Crown Court judge launched an attack on the Government's immigration system as he jailed a drug minder who was in this country illegally.

Judge Ian Trigger said “hundreds and hundreds of thousands” of illegal immigrants were abusing the “completely lax immigration policy” operated in the UK. He added that this was creating “an enormous strain on resources which are already badly stretched”.

He made the scathing comments as he jailed Jamaican Lucien McClearley, 31, for a total of two years for offences including taking a vehicle without consent, possessing cannabis and cocaine, possessing a Class B drug with intent, and two counts of possessing false identity.


Be Careful what you say judge, otherwise you will be getting a visit from Bernard Hogan Howes thought police as well as being hung out to dry by the Liverpool Echo.

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