Friday, 31 July 2009

Support Peter Tierney 5TH August

All democratic, peace loving Nationalists are asked to support Peter Tierney this Wednesday 5Th August.

Peter originally arrested on St Georges day April 23rd this year was also one of the Liverpool 13 arrested on November last year, on what we feel the police acting on the orders of the then home secretary Jacqui Smith. This assault charge on April 23rd is an absolute disgrace as Peter was protecting our OAP'S and elderly ladies from a cowardly attack by Labour and Conservative party sponsored UAF thugs. The attack being ordered by another cowardly and pathetic Merseyside trade Union leader.

Meeting point will be outside the magistrates court at 9.30am, 107 Dale street, Liverpool L2 2JQ.

People coming to support Peter can phone the Liverpool Organiser on 07876163036 should they have any questions.

People wishing to attend, please DO NOT come alone. Travel in pairs for safety. The UAF have a past history of attacking people who are alone. Especially ladies and QAP's.

See you all there, Peter Tierney will appreciate your support.

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