Saturday, 18 July 2009

Support Peter Tierney

This Monday at 2.30PM a large contingent of Liverpool BNP will be showing their presence and support for Peter Tierney outside St Anne's police station which is a continuation of Great Homer Street, Liverpool.

On April 23rd which was a St Georges day celebration for Liverpool BNP there was a concerted effort and campaign of violence by UAF terrorists against the Liverpool British Nationalist Party democrats. An attack of violence was ordered by the Merseyside trade union leader, witnessed by at least ten of the Liverpool BNP.

What can only best be described as an attack against most of the elderly British National Party OAPs and ladies by the cowardly UAF by the trade union leader must go down in history as one of the most shameful attacks against peaceful, patriotic BNP democrats.

The fact that Peter Tierney was "again" arrested by the Merseyside Labour Party political police is another terrible indictment against this politically correct Merseyside police force.

Claw hammer attacks are an acceptable "side issue" against the British National Party (In Liverpool and elsewhere) and are treated with the minimum of seriousness. If you say boo to these Labour party sponsored UAF terrorists whilst defending ourselves then the full force of the "jackboot" British Police force will descend down on your very person!

We will not and never be intimidated on Merseyside...NEVER!!

Peter Tierney will never be intimidated. Merseyside British National Party will not be intimidated or discouraged from future city centre days of action. The attacks by the UAF, Merseyside Police and its gormless trade union leader will make us stronger in our convictions. Will you never learn!

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