Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sink all the boats if you ask me, well said Nick Griffin.

This is absolutely great news from the chairman of the British National party. When he comes out with tough fighting talk about sinking these immigrant boats, you can see why he got elected as North West MEP in Europe. We say what people think, make no bones about it. However as usual with the BBC and the interviewer they tried to interpret his comments out of context for sensationalist and smear reasons. We all knew what Nick meant...Me I would give the "immigrant holiday invaders" plenty of notice (about ten seconds) before sinking the boat with an Exocet missile.

Of course its not just in the Mediterranean that are having problems with an influx of African immigrants. The photo below was taken today from one of the newly refurbished boats from a Nigerian cruise specialists..It was refused entry at Woodside and Seacombe but immediately accepted at Liverpool ferry terminal by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Upon disembarking the cruise liner, the Mayor presented all the immigrant invaders with new flat keys, interpreter's, leather coats. They also all received a form translated into 66 languages giving them advice on how to feel persecuted and made to feel unwelcome in Liverpool. That's what they say to the Liverpool Echo if asked anyway.

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