Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The delights of Multiculturalism, Liverpool Muslim style.

A SOMALI teenager was battered to death in Liverpool’s Sefton Park after a row about Muslims drinking alcohol, a court heard yesterday.Ahmed Mohammed Ibra-him, 17, was attacked with a Samurai sword, bats, machete and a metal pipe on March 10.

A jury was told one of the five defendants accused of murder shouted ‘he’s still alive!’ as the victim lay help-less with blows raining down upon him. He was left bleeding in the road with severe head injuries and died in hospital two hours later.


A row about drinking alcohol!!??..Well you can see the kind of people that we are up against here, hardly people who have a sense of humour are they.

Let me make it clear on this blog, I do not want these kind of people being my next door neighbour. While the council in Liverpool "force" multiculturalism by flooding WHITE peaceful areas with foreigners who are deeply offended at the sight of a packet of Danish and a pack of four Heineken. They do this (the council) knowing that if they are your next door neighbour, then you are hardly likely to ask them around for a traditional summers day BBQ when at the slightest sniff of a bacon burger and a can of larger the freshly sharpened Samurai sword might be produced and used against you.

You cannot force an "alien" culture upon the people of these lands. I will fight tooth and nail to keep the British flag flying upon these shores until the very last breath is in my body, despite the councils throughout this land and the government in Downing street wanting to do different.

To read how the Muslims party click on the Orange headline.

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  1. Yes, once again you have illustrated the outright stupidity of all those British voters who continue to vote Labour/Conservative.
    They are the ones who sit in your local government council offices making politically correct decisions which are destroying your local communities by welcomming these foreign alien cultures.
    Yes, Liverpool, its you, the ordinary voter that is perpetuating this muti-culti, muti-racial, multi-religious experiment.
    Wake up, put a stop to this big mistake now and vote for the BNP.