Friday, 24 October 2008

It's time for Nationalism I think Kilfoyle.

"For the first time since 1997, the government is acting as a truly Labour government, Its time for Socialism." Astonishing Peter Kilfoyle quote, Anfield Walton Star 23rd Oct 2008.

This is what happens when the Labour experiment fails it reverts to try plan B, whatever that is. The amount of misery that has been heaped upon the British people since 1997 by this Labour government has been truly remarkable. The country is on its knees, bankrupt, thanks to Labour, in recession, crime figures are at record high levels over the last ten years thanks to Labour (even though they tried to fiddle the figures by lowering them). Just about everything is worse over the last ten years thanks to the Labour Party.

I say as the title of this post suggests its time for Nationalism. I would say lets give our British people some pride back .As the pride of this country is getting crushed by the socialist experiment of the Labour Party and Peter Kilfoyle. Quite what Peter Kilfoyle is going on about "Its time for socialism" is any one's guess as I don't think he even has a clue.

Since Labour have come into power they have put the interests of immigrants, asylum seekers, basically anyone non British ahead of the interests of "the British". Its time to boot all the spongers out back to where they came from and start looking after our own people. A warning to Kilfoyle and his Labour cronies, your game is up and your time is up. The British National Party are coming and will take this country back that you and your Labour MP crook mates have ransacked, pillaged and utterly destroyed. As you have now conceded that plan A has failed why don't you do the honourable thing Kilfoyle and go yourself. Its time for Nationalism and Its time for Peter Kilfoyle to go.


  1. Socialism will do all in its power to prevent a resurgence of Nationalism in Britain. They are so brainwashed and committed that they would use 'All Means' to keep hold of power.
    Nevertheless they continue to dig there own graves and Nationalists must be prepared for the big breakthrough, it will come, but I fear it will be rather painful.

  2. As Simon Darby stated they change the goal posts when required when we get a sniff of a break through. However the lefties are walking a tightrope. Violence and intimidation is all they have left and thats support is dwindling daily. The Labour Party have only Union sponsored "paid thugs" Even our PC infested police force will have to act against them when the time comes. What a day that will be.