Friday, 10 October 2008

Fear grips global stock markets..Now what Gordon?

You have to hand it to Gordon Brown, everything he touches or does really does turn into a disaster. Wednesday we saw an announcement between him and Alastair Darling of the global actions that have been taken by Britain for global economic conditions now prevailing around the world. Then what happens regardless of the theft that Gordon instigated on behalf of the banks, the stock markets collapse anyway.

One wonders how low the markets can go, indeed companies will and can go bankrupt through this collapse and whatever happens we will all survive, this is not a war, this is just millionaires losing fortunes in one foul swoop, its quite hilarious to watch all the madness unfolding, this is what greed does to people.

Not to let Gordon off the hook today either, hows this for a classic quote from Gordon "Everybody depends on banks. We're trying to get the banks to do what they've traditionally done, to get the flow of money to businesses, to help people with their mortgages, to make sure people's savings are safe,"...What a corker! How exactly do the banks help people with their mortgages apart from extracting as much money as possible from them. You should ask the British savers in the Icelandic banks how safe their money is today as well, it's just a thought Gordon.

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