Monday, 20 October 2008

Immigration minister Phil Woolas "cracks" over immigration 'crackdown'

Immigration minister Phil Woolas was accused of playing to the gallery after he appeared to backtrack on promises to crack down on foreign workers. On Saturday, Mr Woolas had said he would make it harder for immigrants to come to Britain.

He suggested an upper limit on the UK's population and criticised the NHS and councils for being too soft on foreigners. But when challenged over the detail of his proposals on Sunday, Mr Woolas appeared to be in full retreat.


What is the point of having an immigration minister if you cannot do sod all about immigration?..Yeh exactly, it makes no sense at all. Everyone I have spoken too through my job about this "immigration crackdown lie" have been cock-a-hoop about Labour saying, well at least they are talking about it, now they are going to do something about it now. Really??!!

You also have to hand it to the imbecile Labour ministers in the "ministerial ranks" they say anything without thinking and knowing exactly what they are really talking about. I wonder if Phil Woolas has been told to come back after school for a severe dressing down by the headmaster Mr Brown. It certainly looks like it.

The British National Party are the only political party that can and will do something about this British disease of immigration. To all the people who for a moment believed in Woolas's crackdown, you should all know by now that whatever they promise, they will do exactly the opposite, unless of course its giving tax payers money to the useless British bankers.

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