Monday, 6 October 2008

Gordon Brown and his moralistic stock market.. What a joke!!

Gordon Brown has urged global markets to abide by a system of "morals", including "responsible risk-taking" and a "work ethic". He told a dinner in London the government would do "whatever it takes" to see out the current crisis.

The "good economy" would help create the "good society", Mr Brown added.


I'm sorry but this fella Brown is an absolute imbecile and a disgrace, who is this scumbag to instruct anyone on morals??!!. These soundbites he comes out with are so full of sh*te that whoever writes them for him needs to face a firing squad!...Hopefully should this have been the case Brown would have been the architect of them (the soundbites). Can I ask the readers of this blog, is there such a thing as responsible risk-taking? We also know about Gordon Brown's track record in doing "whatever it takes"...What does he do? Well he simply does nothing until the next soundbite pops out of his ample backside.

What exactly does a good society mean also in the world of Gormless Gordon, well he gives us the answer, it's a good economy!!..What an utter load of crap!!! We have had this mirage of a "growing economy" since the end of John Major's premiership, so the good times are hardly down to the Labour Party, but the Labour Party did take full advantage of the years of plenty didn't they.

As the full scale and consequences of this financial collapse develops and the fallout reveals the financial casualties, this blog will be keeping an eye on all the developments. I have stated on this blog that Gordon is a first class fraud and I do not expect to be proven wrong with him in charge of this financial situation. But for Gordon's sake don't let him anywhere near whats left of our gold in the meantime, just in case he has any more ideas about that!!

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  1. You're right, he has only ever had soundbites, nothing more!