Friday, 17 October 2008

Thief Gordon's General Election speculation.

Gordon Brown yesterday refused to rule out calling an election on the back of his widely-praised handling (obviously the BNP disagree with this) of the economic crisis.

Asked if he might go to the polls early, he sought to brush the question aside, insisting he was focusing all his attention on the economy.


I really would like to change the record as regards this confidence trickster Brown, but he really does take the biscuit. I have had to watch this thief and that's what he is is a thief, strut around Europe thinking that he's done us all an economic favour, when on the contrary he has robbed the British tax payer bailing out the banks. If he was in charge in China the likelihood would be that he would have faced a firing squad by now or would have been hung by the neck, oh I can only dream of that day!, along with Blair as well facing his day of judgement.

Obviously I want the eventual installation of a BNP government installed in this country to kick out the illegal immigrant parasites that are being welcomed by this Labour Government which are harvesting these undesirables as future voters. The Conservatives are equally detestable under Cameron but I do hope the Conservatives truly crush the Labour Party at the next General Election whenever this may be, but it will be more of the same under them without a doubt. The fact that we may see the Labour MP scum being booted out is merely worth the entertainment value, all of this on TV as well.

The installation of a BNP government is not all about immigration either. This will be a day when at last we the indigenous British will get a voice, will be allowed to use our voice without the threat by the "Stazi" of being told to button it or face the consequences of their jack boot in our face.

It is highly likely we may have an election next year as politics is a balancing act of a number of issues and is down to timing things right for one's own benefit. Gordon Brown in general is a "bottler", the man has no heart, has a glass chin. Will he, can he face the fact that whatever he does Labour are almost certainly going to get booted out next year or in 2010. In the world of Gordon though if he calls it next year and loses then he is no longer the Prime Minister. What is more important to him, the well being of the country or Gordon being Prime Minister?..I think I know the answer, do you?

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  1. It is refreshing to read your plain and simple straight talk. Words that are not hidden in Mindspeak. Everyone instantly knows where you are comming from and what you mean. There is no doubt where heart is. The Establishment loathe this kind of openness and may see it as a threat. Take care.