Thursday, 23 October 2008

MPs stage coup over new Liverpool FC stadium

GORDON BROWN has been urged to topple the American owners of Liverpool Football Club, in an astonishing “coup bid” by six Merseyside MPs.

The MPs, led by Walton’s Peter Kilfoyle, want the Government – through the part-nationalisation of the Royal Bank of Scotland – to pull the plug on a £350m loan to Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

The extraordinary suggestion that ministers should decide whether a loan should be made – and, in consequence, who owns a football club – can only be made because of the unprecedented £37bn banking bail-out.


I have to be honest here, I don't quite know what to make of this. Anything that that snake in the grass maggot Peter Kilfoyle gets involved in is usually not to the benefit of anyone but himself. However the fact that MP's can now influence Banks on who and who cannot be given loans due to part Nationalisation sets a problematic prescendent, especially with that " dishonourable eel" Peter Mandelson now being the business minister in Government. Making Peter Mandelson business minister is the equivalent of making Hannibal Lecter (silence of the lambs) a manager of a kinder garden.

Can everyone now see what may occur here? Whats to stop these Ministers, MP's putting pressure on the part Nationalised banks to give favour and loans to their friends. Liverpool BNP will watch how this story developes.

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  1. The Iron Grip of left wing Socialism is quickly tightening its hold in every aspect of our lives. This silent cancer leaves the Islamification of Britain far behind.
    British Socialism, (ie Communism)will use future islamic terrorist atrocoties to further tighten its grip. (ie. it needs Islam to further its cause. Which is:-
    A multi-culti, multi racial, multi-ethnic mish-mash of living, breathing, walking 'economic units'
    without God and without Hope. A globalisation of sorts, the like of which I can only describe as like something out of the film 'The Matrix'. Where all power and control is centralised into the hands of the chosen few.
    They (the Esablishment) would activly seek discord for the simple reason that from it they can gain more power.
    This is the 'Establishments' main aim, to seek power for powers sake.
    Not forgetting that someone said 'Ulimate Power, Ultimately corrupts'.