Monday, 14 April 2008

McFadden the Idiot!

UNIONS have formed a united front against the Royal Liverpool Hospital being rebuilt by a Private Finance Initiative (PFI).
The North West Trade Union Conference on Saturday at Liverpool’s BT Conference centre, on Kings Dock, also registered its opposition to the British National Party which is fielding 31 candidates in May’s local council elections.
Alec McFadden, Merseyside’s TUC president, said: “From a local point of view, the campaign to stop the BNP and oppose the plans to rebuild the Royal Liverpool Hospital under PFI must be prioritised in the short term.”


Just why did he have to bring the BNP into this, not that we care its free publicity and keeps us in the mind of the electorate. Mcfadden can campaign all he likes against the BNP, the thing is he will lose. He said that the BNP would be eradicated from Merseyside, however we have not been eradicated and are going from stregth to strength.
If the little freak McFadden really cares about the people of Merseyside why doesn't he stand for election and oppose the BNP properly by beating us in elections. Is it that communist little weirdos like him don't believe in true democracy?
The guy couldn't even organise a decent anti-BNP rally, last year he TRIED to organise one but turned into a big massive flop with fewer than 30 people in attendance. Before any silly little reds try to dispute these claims as it was a publicly advertised meeting we felt it was worth going along from a bloody good laugh at the social rejects and unwashed lefty vermin.


  1. Obviously the turnip McFadden is running short on Searchlight thugs to deliver their comics, they just hate the rain dont they. That's why he's usinh any trick to get the digs in on the BNP.

    Sorry for the insult to turnips but McFadden is a very low quality vegetable.


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    Local Government Minister lies to implement EU regional policy
    by IanPP on Sun 13 Apr 2008 14:01 BST | Permanent Link | Cosmos
    The BBC reports that Local authorities in Wales must significantly improve services or face a possible cut in their numbers, the local government minister said.

    Brian Gibbons told the BBC Politics Show restructuring local councils would be an option if targets were not met within the next four years.

    Dr Gibbons said he would prefer the 22 local authorities to work together and with external organisations. This he said would improve services within existing structures.

    "It could mean restructuring but I don't think that we would say that is automatically the end point," Mr Gibbons said.

    Of course it is the end point. Mr Gibbons is telling Lies.

    It has nothing to do with local government services, it has everything to do with EU regionalisation.

    The EU have already decided how the EU region of Cymru or Wales is going to be divided up. Its all in the EU documentation, hidden in plain view, but that is not readily available to most people, so the Minister lies, telling you that if services don't improve....blah blah blah, then we will have to restructure.

    As this government have done time and time again, they lie to the public, run down the services in question and then implement what is already EU the name of efficiency don't you know, which as know never comes.

    How do we know what the EU have decided, well here it is on the Europa website, along with your new European postcodes.

    UKL1 West Wales and The Valleys
    UKL11 Isle of Anglesey
    UKL12 Gwynedd
    UKL13 Conwy and Denbighshire
    UKL14 South West Wales
    UKL15 Central Valleys
    UKL16 Gwent Valleys
    UKL17 Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot
    UKL18 Swansea
    UKL2 East Wales
    UKL21 Monmouthshire and Newport
    UKL22 Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan
    UKL23 Flintshire and Wrexham
    UKL24 Powys

    This is how Wales will be governed under the EU plan. Just 12 authorities across Wales instead of the current 22.

    This was decided in 2001, so it has nothing to do with the 'services', it has everything to do with NuLab implementing EU policy, they just lie and find underhand reasons for the change without telling you the truth.

    In fact, every country in Europe is being restructured in the same way, they just don't know it yet, because as with everything else in Europe, its done by the back door, with governments lying to their people about what is really happening.

    In the new Europe, there are no countries, just regions. Wales is not a country, its a region, just ask your MP, and see how well he can lie for Europe.

    This map, (click to enlarge) first published by the Eurocrats in 2001 before the Eastern European nations joined the EU, shows exactly how the European super state will look. It is called the Regions of Europe, not Countries, or Member States, just Regions of a super state.

    No more Countries, No more Nations - Just Regions of the State of Europe.

    No more voting, No more democracy - just centrally imposed rules and laws from an unelected cabal in Brussels. (which is now going to have its own President, following the signing of the Lisbon Treaty).

    No more National Governments - just unelected Regional Government. (The Welsh Assembly will become subservient to the Welsh Regional Development Agency).

    No more France, No more England, No more Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain - just Regions, then broken down into Local Administrative Units (LAU's).

    The only country that has not had to change its historical regional make up - is Germany.

    The Dreams of Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler of a single Authoritarian Europe are about to become reality.

    Look at a map of Europe during the period 1000-1200 AD, you will see so many similarities. Brussels is taking us back 1000 years, and beginning again. Its the 1000 year Reich in one go.

    WALES sold down the river by Labour

    If you want to save Wales as a nation, you have to get rid of Labour, get rid of the Treaties, get rid of the EU.
    I first wrote about this in November last year, it is as true today as it was then. People didn't listen then because they didn't believe that it would affect them, but now it does.

    When are the people of this land going to raise their voices, their hearts and souls and fight to save the lands that their forefathers fought and died to protect.