Saturday, 5 April 2008

BNP out in force ahead of Merseyside local elections

THE BNP is fielding more candidates in Merseyside then ever before it emerged last night after nominations closed for May’s local elections.

The British National Party is standing in 11 wards in Liverpool, 10 in St Helens, six in Sefton, two in Wirral, and two in Knowsley.


The only unfortunate thing is that there are no elections next year as this would also be a record increase in candidates standing compared to this year. Indeed in a matter of four or five years we will be looking to get a full slate of thirty wards in Liverpool contested by the BNP.

Obviously the democratic process upsets the usual small minded Labour bigots this time of the year. A special mention must go to serial fantasist Alec McFadden. A few years ago he stated that the BNP were finished in Merseyside but year in year out we go from strength to strength. Alec McFadden seeks to hide the truth but the British people are starting to see for themselves what the Labour party have done to this country. The Labour Party Unions merely backing and funding this blatant interference in the democratic process by delivering these Searchlight comics will make no difference. Soon the BNP will make the breakthrough on Merseyside make no mistake and the anti democrats like McFadden and co will be unemployed. In modern day Labour Britain telling the truth is a revolutionary act, the BNP will always be on hand to make sure the truth will be known no matter how hard Labour and Mcfadden try to stop us telling the truth.

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