Friday, 4 April 2008

Second Lib Dem councillor quits ahead of elections

A SECOND Liberal Democrat councillor today defected to a rival party weeks before Liverpool’s council elections.West Derby’s Ann Hines resigned from the group and joined the minority Liberal party.

She was deselected by the Lib Dems two weeks ago, despite having a 1,650-vote majority the last time she went to the polls in 2004.Cllr Hines will now stand for her new party, led by town hall veteran Steve Radford, against a new Lib Dem candidate in the May 1 elections.


The thing with the three main parties today is that they are all the same. OK the Liberal party is a non important minority party in Liverpool with three councillors, the Lib Dems the largest. The Lib Dems have their own reason for deselecting Ann Hines but the bigger picture is one of these council politicians not being able to accept the inevitable always wanting their nose's to be in the trough. From a British National Party point of view it very amusing to see this form of "musical chairs politics"..Because at the end of the day the party that these numskull councillors are in are of no importance to them. As long as they are in the spotlight personally then that is the important thing to their vanity. Ann Hines is a perfect example of this.

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