Saturday, 19 April 2008

Everton and Liverpool hit out at far-right BNP!

That's the headline of a story on page 10 of the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post website.

EVERTON and Liverpool have united to condemn Merseyside BNP for using their grounds on the front page of its website.
The local site of the far right party has used the clubs’ stadiums as part of six images summing up Liverpool in the run up to the local elections on May 1.
But having been firm supporters of FA anti-racism initiatives both clubs moved quickly to distance themselves from the website and the BNP.
In a strongly-worded statement, Ian Ross, spokesman for Everton Football Club, said: “We utterly disassociate ourselves from a party like the BNP
“They haven’t sought our permission to use the image of Goodison because they know it would be denied straight away.
“We will now be demanding that they remove the image from their website.
“If they are attempting to draw a link between this football club and its supporters then they are a disgrace and should be condemned for even attempting it.”


Now now boys and girls don't get your knickers in a twist, the images of the Everton and Liverpool stadiums were taken from Public land and as local landmarks we have every right to display them. The main BNP site had a similar situation when they used the Millennium stadium I believe it was on the main banner, but as it was taken from public land they were not legally obliged to take it down. Same case here.
We do not mean to show any link of Everton or Liverpool supporting the BNP on Merseyside, don't believe how anyone could come to such a conclusion anyway. Maybe Liverpool and Everton think the people to Merseyside are stupid?
The only link is that some of our members support these clubs, but I guess the feeling isn't mutual.

However we must give a huge thank you to Liverpool, Everton and the Echo for giving us this publicity which we could not buy.

UPDATE 17:15!

We have been in contact with Sirrel the President of the Red Squirrel Council of Britain, they have said they are not offended in anyway by the use of a picture of one of their kind on our blog. After all they face a very similar problem to that of what we face, being replaced by non-indigenous grey squirrels.

We also welcome any members of Liverpool and Everton Football clubs to discuss with us our policies and views and show them that we are opposed to racism as well. Do not hate the immigrants and ethnics, hate the politicians who allow the problems to occur!


  1. Scottie Road Patriot.19 April 2008 at 16:59

    Although I don,t agree with every thing the BNP stands for ( I want there to be more control of immingration that at present and I want the UK to leave the EU, and I am a Monarchist. ). I look forward to voting for Steven Greenhalgh my local BNP candidate on May 1st this year. Finally I wish all involved in the BNP all the best for May the 1st.

  2. I am sure you will find BNP members who dont agree with every single thing. I voted against vertain things at the BNP conference and want certain things changed but I agree with most of the partys policies and with the aims of the movement and thats what is important.
    We thank you and everyone else for their support and continued support, the support we are getting on the street is amazing.

  3. Fed Up Of Labour Lies19 April 2008 at 19:11

    After reading the Echo today and the Labour councillor up on kiddy porn charges it makes you wonder what the Labour Party represents. I cannot stand to watch that idiot Brown on the telly. Because of the Labour pervert party combined with Brown my vote goes to the BNP on May 1st.

  4. Dont forget to spread the word, get friends and family to vote BNP and together we can send the hardest hitting message to these vile politicians that we are fed up.

  5. Greetings,
    I wish you well and shall be voting for the BNP in the Speke-Garston ward. In my opinion I thought the local organiser came across very well during the Roger Phillips debate the other week.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. If people have any sense they should vote BNP on May 1st. Listening to the Roger Phillips show The BNP regional organiser said that people who vote BNP in a ward get extra money ploughed into it because the oppostion party in control get worried (words to that affect)and want to keep the voters sweet. Old Swan is becoming something like a third world ghetto in my opinion and its changing for the worse. Its BNP for me on May 1st as well!