Saturday, 26 April 2008

Merseyside BNP disrupt Searchlight HATE campaign!

Today Saturday 26th, one of our sefton candidates found Searchlight distributing their lies and filth about the BNP in Bootle New Strand which we feel is wrong and possibly illegal as they are not standing in the elections. When our candidate approached these degenerates he was verbally abused, he promptly got onto the phone to the police and other BNP activists who were soon to the seen.

When we arrived we started to distribute our literature to the general public who were very receptive to us, so much so that Searchlight HATE material was being thrown onto the floor and in the bin. Our team collected photographs as evidence to be provided to the returning officers and the electoral commission.

The searchlight scruffs did not like this very much and started to hurl abuse and try to intimidate us, however we stood our ground and waited for the police of arrive which took 2 hours. The police took every ones details our and theirs, we told the police we were not going until the commie filth had gone. The liars and degenerates were soon on their way and we had put an end to their campaign.
Also we should expect to get a few new enquiries and members from speaking to people on the street.

However McFadden our favourite commie was not present, however we have it that hes going rummaging in the bins later to collect the many leaflets put in the bin.


  1. English Nationalist.27 April 2008 at 02:43

    The Labour Party cannot stand it when they are found out for what they are. Everyone is starting to realise that they are the party that represents only themselves and their expense accounts.

  2. Who was the big fat ugly smelly Woman anarchist under the guise of labour!! people are beginning to see these thieving lying Hypocrites who would sell their own family for a mess of pottage and their very soul for a pot of gold their is not one sin or mortal vice that these people haven't practised / Wouldn't it be good if they stood up like the BNP and decried the rape and sexual abuse of our children by Asian gangs or stood up against the thieving politicians as we do or stood up for the police and our soldiers like we do!!" afraid not they have one interest that's look after them selves at all cost.. Ban the BNp forget everything else //these people like Mugabi do not understand the basics of democracy ane personal freedom

  3. GOD BLESS THE BNP not racist not facist not left not rite just say it as it is!It always amazes me??how the indiginous opponents to the BNP dwindle in number as the area were they live becomes more\and more enriched and the BNP starts to win seat after seat\How any on can actually denounce and vilify a party that speakes for its culture, its country ,its heratage, its children, its workers, Its churches ,and be proud to do so.These people who know no different than to chant NAZi etc,these are the people released back into the comunity by the lib/lab/con/closure of the mental hospitals, along with the drug takingsmack heads who will be rehabilatated by the BNP\JOIN THE RESISTANCE join the BNP GOD BLESS THEM