Friday, 4 April 2008

Police inspector "reeked of booze" after car crash

A POLICE inspector who is appealing against a drink-drive conviction reeked of alcohol and was swaying following a crash, a court has heard.Insp Philip Hastain was found to be nearly three times above the legal limit following the accident as he came out of a supermarket in Prenton, Wirral, in December, 2005.

Two years after the collision the inspector – who has served more than 27 years with Merseyside Police – was banned from driving for 28 months and ordered to complete 180 hours’ community service.


Accept your punishment like a man. Just because you are an inspector does not mean you are above the law.

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  1. I am afraid chief constables politicians and their families are above the law the law the law applies only to white working people get used to it unless the BNP win then we will get a fair deal