Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ken Bigley's family claim live beheading was faked

THE brothers of murdered hostage Ken Bigley have spoken for the first time of their belief that the Liverpool engineer was already dead when his captors beheaded him live on air.Ken was shown being beheaded by Iraqi captors in a video that still circulates widely every day on the Internet and mobile phones.

Paul Bigley has criticised the Home Office for refusing to provide expert analysis of the “execution” video to check if it is fake.He is also angry the Government has failed to trace his brother’s unmarked grave so his remains can be brought home for a decent burial.


This was a terrible, terrible event when it happened and my memories are still vivid. While this was given headline news on the telly and front page news on the papers as the kidnapping was unfolding, the feeling was then that the Government were doing nothing and were just waiting for something to happen. Then of course Jack Straw came to Liverpool to reassure the family that everything possible was being done (believe that if you can) to find Ken.

This Government I am afraid lost the common touch a long time ago. Now it's spin, deceit and whatever looks good for the Labour image. They do not mix with us normal people, why? Because we may shout out something that is not to their liking. These "people in charge" simply surround themselves by yes men. The British National Party will do their best to bring back the personal, common touch. Ken's memory will never be forgot by us.

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  1. Strange has i sat eating my breakfast Ken came into my mind and the evil that was done to this poor man and his family that have to live with the memory.
    For their sakes the government should have cared enough to do all they could instead of their usual nothing!
    But then when one considers not once has one MP stood at the airport in respect for our dead soldiers home coming, from wars that Labour took them into it's no suprise they show no morality whatsoever.
    All labour cares about are the super rich they bow to in London with fortunes that make Paul Mcartny look poor.
    Watches that cost a million pound while our soldiers put their lives on the line for less than the min wage.