Friday, 4 April 2008

31 Candidats on Merseyside!

Liverpool - 11
St Helens - 10
Sefton - 6
Knowsley - 2
Wirral - 2

Belle Vale - Peter Molloy
Clubmoor - Peter Squire
County - Peter James Stafford
Croxteth - George Muse
Everton - Jacquie Stafford
Fazakerly - Peter Stafford
Kirkdale (x1) Steven Greenhalgh
Norris Green - John Edgar
Old Swan - Steven McEllenborough
Speke-Garston - Jane Greenhlagh
Warbreck - Carol Killkelly.


  1. Good luck Mersey BNP. The time will come when the crooks in Liverpool town hall will be kicked out and control will be in the hands of a party that actually will put the British people first for a change. I will be voting BNP along with my family.

  2. well done folks you are really growing up on merseyside,keep up the good work.