Monday, 3 August 2009

Religion "of peace" burn Christians alive in Pakistan

Christians were burned alive in their homes after rumours that the Koran had been defaced spread through a city in Pakistan.

Hundreds of Muslims torched and looted Christian homes in Gorja. A man, a woman and four children were burned to death in their house, and two other men were shot dead by the rioters.

The rumour about the Koran was false and had been instigated by members of a banned extremist Muslim extremist group, said Pakistani security officials yesterday.


You have to hand it to these murderous Pakistani savages, they are a bit sensitive.
Apparently "soundbite" Gordon Brown has just released a Downing street press release
stating that not all Pakistanis like torching Christians alive while being in possession of the Koran. Brown further added that not all Pakistani Muslims are a danger being in possession of petrol and that most of them put it in their cars.

OK he didn't say any of the above, but one only wonders what the gormless idiot would have said had he not been on holiday. Where is the public outcry in this country? Wasn't it all over the news the other day that some Israeli went into an Israeli gay club and started shooting the Jewish gays?..It was on the British news all day. So are dead gays more news worthy than burning Christians alive. Perhaps if the Pakistanis were burning "gay Christians", well that may have made Sky news.

The mind boggles. To read full article click on Orange headline above.

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