Saturday, 27 June 2009

What a week!

What an absolutely fantastic week it's been. A week ago on the 20TH June a large contingent of Liverpool BNP patriots went to Blackpool to celebrate our victorious newly elected MEP'S. Fantastic speeches were enjoyed by all attending from Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. It really does fill me with pride being with my own people then contrast that to the drug dealing, flea infested 35 anti democratic UAF protesters outside the Kimberley Hotel. If the Police had done their jobs and searched them then surely eighty percent of the drug dealers would have been arrested for being in possession of drugs. Funny Alec McFadden not demonstrating outside the Kimberley Hotel with Weyman though, he must be still crying in front of his communist hero Stalin portrait!

That was part one of the celebration. Part two was celebrated by 45 invited guests on Wednesday at a private Merseyside venue attended by Nick Griffin and his lovely wife Jacky. A three course meal was enjoyed by all, followed by pint after pint. Nick Griffin who has now been making his weekly trips to Brussels regaled us with his opinions and of his feeling of something like a school boy attending his first days at school. I am so made up for Nick Griffin becoming an MEP at this stage of his political career despite the best efforts of Labour Party criminal thugs on Merseyside who perversely tried to interfere in the democratic process.

Indeed these particular anti democratic scum have shown themselves to the people of Merseyside and the Northwest to be exactly that, anti democratic scum!...Its interesting how these particular scum have gone extremely quiet since the public have spoken and voted with an increased BNP percentage vote in the North West. All this despite British born people being kicked to the back of the housing queue and the houses given in favour of people only being in the country days and weeks.

Certainly the BNP on Merseyside will be bringing all of the concerns we all feel to the door steps of these concerned people in the runup to the General Election. Just because Nick and Andrew have been elected we will not be resting on our laurels. This is just the beginning, this is now where our political fight starts. Especially on Merseyside.

Now where did I put those lagers and my cigars!

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