Sunday, 18 May 2008

The dangers we all face when police are too terrified to think for themselves

This has been a difficult week for West Midlands police. It is rare for public servants to be sued for libel, and the High Court apology the force gave to Channel 4 and the Dispatches programme was both humiliating and unprecedented.

For all its unique features, however, this case is symptomatic of a broader set of failings: a loss of nerve, a warped sense of priorities and, in particular, a culture of weak-minded politicisation that should concern us all. Undercover Mosque, the edition of Dispatches at the heart of the legal case, made disturbing viewing.

Broadcast in January last year, it showed clerics at mainstream mosques making extreme and inflammatory statements, advocating the murder of homosexuals, for example, and praising the killer of a British soldier in Afghanistan. Yet, instead of lauding the programme makers for their careful and enterprising work, West Midlands police said Channel 4 should be prosecuted for stirring up racial hatred.


For anyone that missed this programme, it was sensational viewing missed, link . It really brought home the mindset of the people from the cult of the dead paedophile. Nick Griffin the British National Party Chairman a few years ago was faced with seven years in prison for merely stating that Islam was a "vicious wicked faith" which it undoubtedly is, the channel four programme proved this. Two Juries later found him not guilty. The Islamic preachers and the programme's content advocated violence and murder so the police decided to take action against the programme makers Channel four, incredible!!.

Islam is indeed a vicious, wicked faith, the police should start earning their wages and start rounding up and charging the Islamic preachers who preach murder and hatred from these mosques on a daily basis. Democracy and peace is not for this cult, just terrorism and hatred. Well done Channel four for revealing this.

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  1. for anyone that missed the Despatches progran under cover mosques , here it is.

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