Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Seaforth Immigrant Worker Deported

A THIRD illegal immigrant has been deported after being discovered living and working at a dockland company.Port of Liverpool Police and Borders and Immigration Agency officers visited KTC Edibles Ltd, at Seaforth docks, in March.

They discovered 34 people living in office space at the warehouse just off Crosby Road South.A police source said most were Polish or central European.A UK Borders Agency spokeswoman confirmed last night that one Afghan national and two Indian workers had now been removed from the country.

However, KTC general manager Paresh Mehta says his company is not at fault. He said: “No formal charges have been brought to bear and and I am confident KTC (Edibles) Ltd is free from any wrongdoing.”


Forgive me for being a bit cynical but with a name like Paresh Mehta for a general manager I would be pretty confident that this fellow knew exactly what was going on. This is more evidence though of New Labours twenty first century cheap Labour "we're in Europe Britain"...Is it any wonder they are getting a kicking by the voters every where you look.

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