Friday, 16 May 2008

Westminster Thieves Lose Second Home Allowance Court Battle.

Details of senior MPs' expenses will be revealed after the House of Commons lost its court battle to keep them secret.

The Commons challenged the Information Tribunal's demand that a detailed breakdown of MPs' second homes allowances must be provided under the Freedom of Information Act.Led by the Speaker Michael Martin, the Commons authorities went to the High Court to fight against the "unlawfully intrusive" release of the expenses details of 14 MPs and former MPs.


This is a day when democracy and common sense has prevailed. The thieves that are our MP's have had it too good for too long. Some of them and the way in which they rub this gravy train "free expense" lifestyle in our faces would not look out of place in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe Government. You will see all the swine pig Mp's crying into their caviar today after this ruling.

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