Friday, 30 May 2008

Meeting Last Night!

We held our first meeting last night after the May Elections, it was a very successful meeting with over 65 people in attendance. To start the meeting off, the organiser explained what happened in the elections and what our results were like. He also spoke briefly on our national results and getting our first EVER GLA member elected in London.

Our guest speaker of the night was Arthur Kemp who always give a good speech without failure, he talked on the Islamic Jihad in the past and present. The speech was full of interesting facts and re-enforced why we are in the BNP and we are doing what we are doing. He spoke about how every culture and race has a right to their own lands and right to defend their culture and ensure its continued existence in their own lands. He informed us a little more on the national results which bode well for the forthcoming Euro Elections.

At the end of the night we raised £315 which will help print leaflets to recruit new members and activists around Merseyside.

If you would like to get involved in the BNP on Merseyside the please use the contact details at the side of this page.

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