Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Police Vandalism Crime Spin

Police officers are being ordered not to record criminal damage as crime.

A leaked memo has revealed that rank-and-file officers in the Norfolk force have been told that incidents such as car vandalism should not be classed as an offence when there is "no idea how it happened".

The disclosure brought accusations last night that the force is trying to massage crime figures by ignoring acts of vandalism.


Hmmmm, I'm sure somewhere recently on this blog we have commented on this new police propaganda exercise or what terminology do they use "massaging the figures"

If all the windows at the local police station got smashed (heaven forbid), would this constitute a crime to these officials of the law?

The article comments on Norfolk police force but how many soundbite announcements have we had from Merseyside police about the massaging, sorry (silly me) the reduction of crime on Merseyside recently?...We had best get used to this new way of announcing crime figure news, but remember everyone everything may not always be what it seems.

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