Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Now They Know How We Feel.

South Africa has been rocked by scenes of hatred and savagery as poor township blacks turn on the migrants they claim have taken their jobs. More than 20 have been killed and thousands forced to flee by gangs wielding guns, clubs and machetes.

Most horrifying of all, for a country which thought the worst was behind it, has been the return of necklacing, the appalling method of killing which involves putting a petrol-filled tyre around a victim's neck and setting it ablaze.


Amazing, Africans turning on Africans all because the visitors and migrants are taking their jobs.

Heaven forbid scenes should be repeated like this in this country as Gordon Browns credit crunch (recession and then depression) starts to tighten its grip over the next few years in this country. I wonder how people will react in their desperation to just pay the bills and feed the family while our thieving politicians get fat on their expenses while we go hungry. Well It looks at the next general election that Gormless Gordon is getting the sack but it it will be more of the same with Cameron the Clown being voted in.

We have a choice to stop the migrants taking British jobs. Don't vote Cameron the clown, vote British National Party at the next general election, lets put a stop to this and raise the drawbridge, Britain is full up.

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  1. The South Africans know how some people in this country feel. I don't think that people in this country would ever lower themselves to that level of savagery