Monday, 14 June 2010

Where the contributors of this blog stand.

Its true this has been a very difficult time for the British National Party since May 6th. In fact the morale of the foot soldiers has been at rock bottom since realistically speaking we were given a good hiding at the ballot box. On Merseyside it was always going to be a difficult task here and the results were more or less what we expected. There were a few exceptions where the party was "expected" to do a lot better around the country, where in the end we also failed abysmally.

OK, I have been notified from this blogs co contributors that they have come under a certain amount of pressure shall we say from "a minority" of members and "certain others" within the party because of the content of the last two articles posted on this site, the reformers have likewise applauded the articles. First I would like to explain that five people contribute regular articles here on this site and most of the time its a case of cut and paste, other than that everyone posts under Peter or Scouse BNP. This blog is a team of five who has access to the two accounts.

Extreme care by the contributors is taken over identity confidentiality for a reason. Reasons that have become apparent by bigots and part time nationalists, some of who are "not even BNP members" on other blogs and forums. Now let me move on.

This site "IS NOT" a propaganda site for Nick Griffin. This site is for the benefit of the British National Party and all her members. Its also here for race and nation. When the Chairman of the British National Party does well he will get rewarded with good write ups here, likewise when things are not going so well as things are now, then likewise we would like the problems addressed as we are writing about here.

The five contributors of this blog feel that the time is now right since the extreme disappointment of the Local and General elections on May 6th, regardless of how one plays maths with the figures to suit one's agenda that now is the right time for a change of BNP leader. Now there are many fine Nationalists in the BNP that want the Chairman to stay put, but there are also many who want a change. I would also like to add that none of us in the BNP are anti Nick Griffin either, Nick is doing a fantastic, outstanding job as North West MEP, but that is where he should now concentrate on.

Finally for the minority out there including the non Liverpool BNP members who are so vocal on other forums about democracy not being for them, my message is simple, start your own blog up. One that suits your agenda and somewhere where as you have been doing suits your infantile mentality of naming people, our members and also smearing fantastic Liverpool BNP members in the process. To them that do this, you are not true Nationalists but pathetic scum who are worse than the reds. You know who you are we know who you are, loyalty to your friends means nothing to you.

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