Thursday, 10 June 2010

A message from a supporter.. We need change!

Victory for Geert Wilders PVV late night interview Danish TV June 9

Nick Griffin has more power currently over this party than any leader has over any other political party. With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility, the buck stops with Nick Griffin for success and likewise with the party failures.

He is the longest serving political leader I know of.

The election massacre we got, oh and I've heard all the spin and even dished it out in many speeches myself, but the fact of the matter is our vote only went up because we stood three times as many candidates.

Blaming Labours dirty tricks is not good enough, if we can't out think them then we are doomed. That was Nicks job and he failed, they ran rings round him and his response is we need to copy Labour. No, that's the worst thing to do. They out fund us and if we try to copy them we will always lose, we need to be ahead not following, Nick has peaked.

I've heard the excuse that in a bad economy people vote for the old parties out of fear, well today in Holland Geert Wilders went from 9 to 24 seats, became the third party and king maker in a coalition.

Civic National parties are booming, state or not look at the rise of Geert Wilders (video above), EDL, FN, Nick should have seen the EHRC case coming and preempted it. Had he convinced the members of what was coming and changed the constitution earlier we would have the moral high ground, instead everyone sees us for what we are. Again he is reactive and not proactive. He can blame no one but himself, never has a British Nationalist had so good an opportunity and wasted it. Lets look at what he had compared to Geert Wilders shall we.

1/ A sitting government and the opposition supporting an illegal war with our troops coming home in body bags.

2/ Record funds (1.9 million) in the kitty to fight an election.

3/ The expenses scandal with all parties the LibLabCon.

4/ An economy in meltdown and everyone in fear.

5/ Big brother ID cards, unpopular CCTV, and thousands of unpopular new laws.

6/ Broken Britain with children killing each other, people going to prison for defending their homes, yob culture and collapsing law and order.

7/ Islamic terrorism on our home soil, while Islamic terrorist gen asylum here.

With all that on our side the last election results don't bode well for the future, it's time for change.

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