Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Failed State of Great Britain


Seldom in our lives have we had the opportunity to watch, first hand, as a major Western power comes crumbling down on itself in such a spectacular fashion as we see with the final collapse of the now empire less Britain. Only the eventual collapse of the USA will make for a greater show than what is about to transpire on these shores.

For Britain is a failed state in all manner and levels reality, from a total lack of freedom in the pseudo Stalinist prison camp, to the collapse of the economy, society and military, a physical collapse linked as a Siamese twin to the spiritual or moral collapse. A Godless post Christian enterprise, morally corrupt, economically penniless and over run by the most vile and foul and blood thirsty of modern world savages.

The failure is now most visible in the financial sphere, overshadowing other just as vital areas. Britain is a print happy, debtor nation, who while lecturing other failed economies of Iceland and Greece is itself running a 12.6% deficit, as opposed to the equally unsupportable one of Greece, at 12.7%. Worse, England is running a 0% interest rate, ruining the retirement of millions of its pensioners, even as its medical system goes about the task of dispatching them off in drove, to the other world, in a "dignified" manner, of course. That will not be a problem for much longer of course as the retirement age is raised first to 70 and later to 75, at that point we will all be dying in harness with about as much love and care as the pit pony. At present, on average, one in 8 stores has closed down, leaving many areas abandoned, and the rate is continuing to accelerate.

Furthermore, the Stalinist state of Britain has forcibly nationalized all major banks on the island, while spiking taxes on everything. The final blows in this financial alchemy are the proposed VAT on food, which will bring back the old misery of the 1700s and a tax on garbage, through smart garbage cans, able to judge the weight of the trash and charge accordingly, that is after a general tax that already is supposed to pay for the garbage. The final nail will be the green laws destroying what is left of Britain’s industry.

Control wise, the government of the proto-Stalinist ConDem Nation and their Marxist so called opposition, have installed twice as many cameras as people. Everything is catalogued and tracked, from personal movements, to transactions to drives on the motorways. Informants are everywhere, neighbour snitching on neighbour, friend on friend, family on family. Now comes the news that the police state will even keep dossiers on children as young as five who use or exhibit "racist" or "intolerant" behaviour. What police actions will follow from this tyranny is yet to be determined. Of course this is Stalinist in the extreme, very similar to what that mad bastard did during his various great purges. The only things that are missing are the camps...for now.

To boot, the Islamic mass migration, into what is now a Jihad exporter, the UK, has been staggering, and now word has come out that the ruling elites and the world Bankers did this on purpose. Imagine, a nation’s elite that on purpose has taken radical steps to in effect, exterminate the very society that allowed them to climb to the level that they are at. In most societies, there would be riots, but not in Britain where a diet of X factor and Corrie keep the sheep like population in a myopic coma of their own making. As Islamic fundamentalists rape and murder at will and the all watching and all knowing police state never seems to know what is and when this is going on...but God forbid you light up in a bar and refuse to put it out, they will send an entire riot squad to get you.

Or God forbid, you fight back. Vigilantism will not be tolerated, smacks too much of individualism and must be crushed. Thus the Islamic and the half feral yobs, who will one day be recruited by them, get to run wild and victimize the rest of the population.
Hang a few dozen of your hooligan and jihadist scum from the lamp posts and they'll get the point rather quickly.

But this should be no surprise, when considering that the Church of England is itself post Christian and leading the lost and be-fumbled population into a multicultural, multi faith hell of our own making.
Meanwhile top bishops in the Church are pushing for gay marriages and are too busy defending Islam that seeks to impose Shari on the Christians. Driving their flock into extinction rather than in leading their flocks to Christ. Is it any wonder that the Orthodox Church is growing quickly in the UK, while whole congregations convert to Catholicism? The Devil definitely has a play ground in the Church of England.

Even the once world leading NHS is broken and killing, both by design and my neglect, possibly hundreds of thousands of people a year. In 2008, 6,000 women gave birth in corridors, lifts and taxis, when lack of beds and doctors forced them away at the last minutes before birth. A new report, just out, but apparently in the hands of the elites for over half a year, shows that some 50,000 or more a year are dying from direct neglect in the hospital systems, and this is even without the Satanic Pathway in effect. What is the Pathway? Why the Pathway to Dignified Death, where they take sick or sickly elderly and not so elderly, pump them full of morphine and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death. The evil of such as system and the fact that the British tolerate it and have not risen past indignation, and tore themselves away from junk TV to demand better shows how befitting of total collapse British society is.

Where are the Royals? Where are the God chosen defenders of English faith, culture and law? Where are those, designated by God to rule and veto this insanity? Why drunk, drugged and debauched into a stupor or busily converting to Islam, where else? Why rule when you can screw and drink your way through life, without a care or worry and the Devil takes you, and he will, what happens to your own kingdom. A sorrier lot is hard to imagine.

So what will it take to finally bring the last of this rotting wreck of humanity down? Why the upcoming war with Argentina now backed by China, over the Falklands, of course. England is stretched bare in Afghanistan, yelping like a good lapdog to the yanks, the very same yanks who are obviously siding with the financially broke and corrupt Latin Argentineans over the financially broke and corrupt Anglo British. There simply is no way that Britain can keep the Falklands and the oil wealth there and this loss will reduce Britain overnight to a third world nation.

Thirty years ago under a Thatcher Government who would have thought that even the Tory Party would be a Marxist left wing shadow of its former self, or predicted the dire state of the country would be in now. How did the Marxists do it? Well the British people have become fat and lazy. Not just physically but morally, the Marxists knew this and led us one small step at a time never revealing the ultimate destination till it was too late. We need to do the same, the people will never elect the Government that most Nationalists crave with a passion. Small steps at a time, that is why Geert Wilders has come from starting his own party (PVV) in 2004 to being the third largest in terms of MP seats in just six short years. How far have the BNP come in that time? This is why we need change not just in leadership but policy. The road to success is in small steps Brothers and a charismatic leader with vision. This is why I advocate change, when the ship is heading for the abyss then a change in any direction is better than doing nothing.

The baggage that comes with Nick Griffin has now become too much of a burden. Recent election results tell you that, and how many times have you heard something like “I’d vote for you but that Nick Griffin.” It’s way past the time were we need to up our game, we need someone who is media savvy and not playing catch up and giving us sound bites of how success is just around the corner if we just carry on. We know where this ship is heading and we need a new Captain and quickly.

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