Friday, 18 June 2010

Dowson/Griffinite attack dogs hate campaign against Nationalists!

As you can see above Jim Dowson has record for being anti-gay and has actively harassed gays, this man is now in control of the party a party that is trying to clean its image, it is crazy. However it is no shock then that Dowsons and Griffins supporters or attack dogs have now been set loose on members who support Reform because the Reform group wants Dodgy Dowson to be totally 1000% removed from the party. These attacks have been very vile and are bringing Liverpool BNP and the whole party into disrepute. These attacks have been launched against veteran and respected Activists Peter Stafford Jnr on the neo-nazi VNN forum, as the video above from heretic, who we know the identity of but we wont publish as we are true Nationalists, can be seen the attacks are on his sexuality which them very same people have had no issue with for the long time they have known.

It is only when it has been made clear that Peter along with a number of other members now support Reform and want the Removal of Dowson that these backstabbing traitors have decided to delve to these depths to attack a person they have in the past relied on for support.

Here are just some of the vile comments that have also been made are:

“you are so far up eddy butlers posteria that you could be a set of teeth!
you odious little poofter!
has anybody seen peter stafords face book page?”

“What a tart! He seems to have spent the whole night flitting from partner to partner,clearly not very big on LOYALTY! But why should that come as a surprise,his behaviour since he joined the BNP was a good foretaste of what these photos show,lots of smiles and running around behind people and then sticking it to them!”

“So Peter Stafford has established the BNP branch in "Dingly Dell",their first leafletting session could be a bit of a problem with certain members being unable to restrain themselves at the sight of a bit of "builders bum"when a floor level letterbox requires a bit of bending over of the leafletter!
They may have some problems getting our more traditional groups to help out at election time as not everyone shares the same spirit of adventure that these photos reveal Peter to possess but at least they will be able to get a large venue,the YMCA is reputed to be a very well endowed organisation,in several respects if the song is to be believed!”

“So everyone is pretty much in agreeance that he is a dirty stain on Nationalism that the cause could definitely do without?”

It is clear that these people have some sort of problem in the head and are out to character assassinate a hard working activists who has done more for the party than all of them put together. Do they really think people will support them when they attack their own people for being gay? Do they think the media will ignore what they say? Do they think they can win a case in a court of law when this is brought up?
Interestingly Scouse83 is also a member of Nick Griffins Security team and this individual has been name dropping and smearing Tony Ward who again is another veteran activist who was attacked with a claw hammer. As well as name dropping Tony Ward he has name dropped Peter Stafford and Peter Molloy, who people in this little group have sent vile text messages about threatening to leave the party if they didn’t get their own way because they didn’t like him, this is an individual who is clearly out to cause trouble and cannot be trusted.

This little group of cretins have also been attacking other veteran Nationalists as spies such as Peter Squire and Steven Greenhalgh, two people who have worked hard for the party and donated very generously to the party over the years never mind being selected as a candidate for the NW Euro List.

These cretins have stooped so low in the name of smearing decent Nationalists that they have now sided with Erik Dorf or Dork who was found to be posting nazi images on his facebook page as a candidate in the Euro Elections putting our whole campaign into jeopardy, he has also been known to post on VNN that Nick Griffin is a SPY!!! Clearly off his rockers, Nick Griffin is definatley not a spy and the reformers will defend Nick Griffin here and we want him to remain a senior member of the party. This individual has also tried to split the St Helens group. So why have these cretins sided with such an individual against decent members?

Nick Griffin may want to read up rule 12 of his own Constitution.

The reformers in Liverpool and on this Blog say this, homophobic abuse and backstabbing has no place in a decent political party, especially not one that is hoping to save our people and our country, we will support our not only members but good friends. We were at all times going to work with people who supported Griffin, we accept we have differences of opinion and we were going to respect that however the Griffin/Dowson supporters decided they don’t like people who have different opinions and have now carried out these vile actions.

Finally I would like to ask all readers this question, are these the type of people you want running YOUR party and YOUR country?

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